#1 Las Vegas SEO Expert | (702) 723-2431 | 2015 SEO Secret Guidelines Revealed

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#1 Las Vegas SEO Expert | (702) 723-2431 | 2015 SEO Secret Guidelines Revealed
#1 Vegas SEO Expert at http://www.seovegasnow.com reveals Secret SEO Guidelines For 2015.

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Keep in mind that ‘best practices’ doesn’t apply to every situation.
As I always say “There’s no such thing as ‘perfectly optimized’ or ‘perfect on-page SEO” because there is always more to know. There’s always more to know because intelligent changes continue to occur.

Times are changing, people. If you want to continue reaching prospective customers online and produce a remarkable return on your investment, you need to follow the trends. You need to stay ahead of the game when it comes to connecting with people through your digital marketing efforts. SEO for 2015 has changed.

Trying to game the system will be TRUE TROUBLE in 2015! Those old school SEO hacks and tactics are going to get your client’s sites penalized. SEO for 2015 is actually easier now for those of us who know what we know.

Those old school blackhat tricks or hacks will not go unnoticed now, trust me, you’ll be eventually discovered by Google and your sites or your client’s sites will be penalized, oftentimes so dramatically that those sites cannot ever recover.

You need to construct your sites with:
* Relevant Content
* Well-labeled images (Don’t forget to optimize your images for fast loading and if you’re site is about “local”, do yourself a huge favor and GEO-tag each image with your local location – that in itself is a huge signal to Google about your location and authority).
* Relevant links and references
* Complete sentences with good spelling and grammar
* Standard-compliant HTML usage
* Unique and relevant page titles

Putting everything together for 2015 GOLDEN SEO looks something like this:

Follow The Google Guidelines
1. Create a Great UX Website Experience
2. Provide Proof and Transparency of Ownership
3. Submit Original and Compelling Content
4. Then Share Your Content Around the World

Content Will Be More Important Than Ever! Marketing Channels Will Be Even More Connected!
Backlinks, let me emphasize that RELEVANT backlinks will still be an important part of 2015 SEO. Get those backlinks and you’ll solidify your authority and subsequently rank even higher and higher.

So how do you Provide Proof and Transparency of Ownership?
You want to make sure you have reputable business information on every page. This was something that was a little bit disturbing, that a lot of people don’t know about. You want to make sure that you have your address, your phone number,and contact information on every single page. Make sure you have a robust mission statement, and a company about us page.

The easiest and most productive way to create transparency of ownership is to use the YMYL Footer plugin at http://www.ymylthemes.com. It gives you instant proof of ownership with your business contact information at the bottom of each and every page in the footer.

The next important aspect of attaining Golden 2015 SEO is the sharing element.Be sure to set up accounts with YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and of course a Google+ business account page. Share all of your new and exciting content on a minimum of five social channels to grow your popularity and authority.

Backlinks, authoritative and relevant backlinks still play an ENORMOUS role in 2015 SEO.

Where do you get reviews? You first need to ensure that your citations are correct all across the net. You’ll want to get reviews from Local Business Directories, Facebook, and Yelp which has been recently taken over the review responsibilities from Yahoo and Bing, as well as your Google+ Business Page.

Based on your type of business, there are also several niche and local sites that have secondary importance as well. For example, if you’re a contractor it’s important to have a presence on Angie’s List (but watch out for cost!), and if you’re a dentist, then sites like Healthgrades, ZocDoc and others could be beneficial. The online landscape is complicated and constantly evolving so give us a call at (702) 723-2431 and we’ll help you achieve success.

If you have more ads than unique content, you are probably going to have a problem. Google will slap you if you have too much advertising on your site!

DESIGN FOR MOBILE!! I can’t stress the importance of this dynamic enough. Currently, statistics show that 78 percent of local searches are done on mobile devices.

Mobile search is becoming the standard because of Google’s ability to track your location, thus giving your mobile searchers the opportunity to show the best results for your products or services which are nearest to them.

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#1 Las Vegas SEO Expert | (702) 723-2431 | 2015 SEO Secret Guidelines Revealed
#1 Las Vegas SEO Expert | (702) 723-2431 | 2015 SEO Secret Guidelines Revealed
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