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Best SEO Expert In Las Vegas – 702-758-5550
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Hello Google users.

If found this video it’s probably because you’re searching for
SEO services or you’re doing a google search for SEO services and
you might be interested in it for your business or your brand or your website.

I am here to show you a quick social media plan
that is easy to implement for any business small or large
and something to understand about social media sites is
A) they’re not going away
they’re here to stay and they’re growing all the time.

Sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, youtube. They’re not going anywhere andthe sooner that you get your business on
them and the sooner that you really understand how to use them uh the better off you’re gonna be and the the more customers you’re actually gonna get than maybe the medium or services that you’re using now.

You’re putting up a billboard, you’re spending thousands of dollars a month.
On Facebook literally you can spend hundreds of dollars a month and get
way more active engagement, build a working funnel for your business,
doesn’t matter if your restaurant doesn’t matter if your doctor, dentist, a lawyer.
You know, there are ways to actively engage people and you always want to be building
that funnel.
That’s the biggest thing Facebook users need to realize if you’re a business.
So obviously Facebook’s the fastest growing most widely used social media
platform, again the average American’s on three to four hours a day.
Fan pages are definitely easy to set up but you really have to take some time to create that content that’s really going to actively engage the client. And that’s
what I do for my clients.
Just to give you a quick little snippet: more women than men are on Facebook
but really something really interesting is that the largest
user group earned more than one hundred thousand dollars a year on Facebook.

So those are real people, real customers that can be engaging with your business
that you can attract using Facebook.

Second biggest a way to push your business is through Google Plus
targeting. Again Google+ is really gonna get your business on this
on the search rankings in a higher area and really
it’s not that difficult.

All you have to do is optimize your business so that Google knows exactly who you are,
they know where you’re located and your really putting
relevant content out there specific to your business.

Now recently Google started a program whereupon
trusted businesses are being able to be reviewed
on Google. I’ve helped some of my clients engage with that program.
It’s a really good program because it’s gonna push you up as an expert on google you know and it’s similar to Yelp where people will go on their own review your business
but more than that you can actually answer questions
of people who have questions about your specific
line at work.
So let’s say you’re a dentist, people say ask a question about
you know their dental work. You can be the expert on there to answer that if
you actively engage correctly
YouTube another misunderstood social media platform by businesses for the most part
com there’s a billion unique visitors. That’s a lot of people.

Call 702-758-5550 my name’s John
I’m happy to help and I’m happy to answer any questions

Thanks a lot for watching.

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Best SEO Expert In Las Vegas – 702-758-5550
Best SEO Expert In Las Vegas – 702-758-5550
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