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Denver SEO Expert – 28 Circles
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Does your local Denver business need more customers? Sure it does. Doesn’t everybody? Internet marketing is a great way to get more qualified buyers calling your business.

Internet marketing is board term, which can cover many areas. At 28 Circles we focus strictly on Denver local SEO. Local SEO is process of increasing the visibility of a companies website within a certain geographic area for select search terms.

Why should I be interested in local SEO for my small business?
As you know, traditional advertising has become less effective over the years. More and more people are turning to the internet to find local businesses. If your website isn’t in on the first page Google then you are missing a lot of opportunities to capture new customers. On average only 10% of people will look past the first page results. If you website is listed on page 2 for a key search term, you are losing 90% of your potential customers.

I have a web designer, why should I hire a Denver SEO Company?
Your web designer job is to build an attractive website that entices people to interact with your company. A SEO agency job is to increase the visibility of your website so people visit it. It’s the equivalent of having a great brochure created and printed, but if you don’t have a way to distribute the brochures then you end up with boxes of brochures in your office, which has a ZERO ROI!. The same thing happens all the time with small businesses websites. They spend a lot of money on a website, but don’t have a way to “distribute” it to the masses. A Denver SEO Expert can help increase the visibility of your website.

I tried SEO before and it doesn’t work.
I have heard this statement 100’s of times. There is no “green button” to get you on to the first page of Google. If there is, I would like to know about it. Local SEO takes time to show results. You are investing in the future growth of your company.
Local SEO is always evolving. The search engines are always changing how they grade websites and pages. A good SEO consultant is always testing and trying to stay on top of these changes.

I get solicitations all the time for SEO companies that Guarantee 1st page rankings.
I suggest you run the other way. There are 3 guarantees in life: birth, death and taxes. Ranking 1st in Google isn’t one of them. If they guarantee rankings its most likely for some search term that no one is searching for and has no value to your company. We recommend work with a Denver SEO company. They know the market space and you can meet them face to face.

SEO is expensive.
Yes and no. As mentioned before, its an investment in future growth. If you compare SEO to traditional advertising the cost per customer acquisition is typically much lower. Also, unlike other advertising, SEO will constantly bring in new customers. A direct mailer, TV spots or radios ads create spikes in sales. Organic Local SEO is constant people are always searching for local business. There will always be some seasonal swings, but for the most part people are always searching.

Why pick a Denver SEO Company?
I’m a strong believer in supporting the Denver economy. However, there are some real benefits to working with a Denver based SEO company. First you get to meet them face to face. Second, Denver SEO experts know the local landscape better then out of state or offshore companies. Third, Denver has some of the best SEO companies in the US. Finally, they might become a customer of yours.

Why pick 28 Circles for my local SEO campaigns?
Fair question. There are some really strong SEO companies in Denver and they do a fantastic job for their clients. I’ll be the first to admit we are not a fit for everyone. We are small and only focus on SEO. We don’t to PPC or web design, so we are not a “one-stop” shop. However, our services are typically more affordable then the Denver SEO agencies. Our approach is slightly different then some SEO companies. We only work with one company in each industry. So we are not trying to rank your competitors too. We believe in creating a strong partnership with our clients, the more successful you become the more successful we are.

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Denver SEO Expert – 28 Circles
Denver SEO Expert – 28 Circles
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