Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Houston

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Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Houston
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Luis Michael Orts, and I’m the founding principal of The Innovate Agency and I want to share a very important concept with you. If your primary goal is to rank your web page somewhere on just the 1st page of google. We are not the agency for you.
In fact, with those expectations, it’s very easy to find an unemployable SEO Consultant hack or some young techie who would be thrilled to rank your site on page 1 for a meaningless keyword resulting in bad quality traffic that wouldn’t even convert on a free offer. And what’s worse is, that person will quote you a budget of…. 0 a month? Well….technically you’re on the 1st page of Google.

What we at The Innovate Agency is interested in is TOTAL Market DOMINATION.

And I’m not just talking about the easy keywords that no one is searching for.

We’re talking about juicy, massive high search volume terms that are LOADED with buyer intent. As an example, in ranking my business, you most likely found me searching Houston SEO Expert….not Houston SEO. Why? Because you have a problem in your business… and you need it solved…. and solved by the best in the industry. But we don’t want to JUST rank your site for a small handful of buyer intent keywords. We want you ranked for them all. And not just ranked for the sake of being high in the search engines either. SEO is just like a higher stakes game of Monopoly, and every keyword is a street color group. Those keywords with buyer intent are the juicy, highly trafficked properties, like the blue, red, yellow, or green properties. Statistics show us that people are much more likely to land on those phrases when looking to buy what it is you’re selling.

In the game of Monopoly, if you control an entire color group, it gives you the ability to put up houses and hotels to charge a premium.

However, in the game of business SEO, the saavy business owner who controls the 1st Page with the most entries bunched up at the top, gets to sell like no tomorrow,
because there’s no competition online. When it’s all said and done, the business that’s on top wins all future business and can then charge whatever you can get away with charging! Not to mention, you can then be more selective in your customer base, while turning away business because it isn’t worth your time to fulfill. What I’m saying, when you control the 1st page of Google for the keywords with strong buying intent, the value of your time appreciates. You’ll find that by implementing these strategies, your business appreciate’s in value. Your future prospects opinion of you will appreciate in value because you’re perceived as
omnipresent and the best in your industry.

That is what The Innovate Agency is interested in.

We will:

✓ Rank you on the first page for the keywords we target.
✓ Dominate the first page, with your collaboration, inside of the timeframe we set for you.
✓ Ensure that we create leverage in your market over any and every competitor, for the life of our contract.

That’s the “Innovate” difference.

If you want to generate more Revenue, or you’re just looking to create more leverage in your market… We need to talk.

Pay for PERFORMANCE, not promises.

Luis Michael Orts
Founder and Chief Executive
The Innovate Agency
(713) 300 2668

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Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Houston
Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Houston
Houston SEO Expert