Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Los Angeles

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Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Los Angeles
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Ladies and Gentlemen,

My name is Lane Boland and I’m the founding principal of Mad Rank and I have just one concept to share with you.
If all you are looking for is to rank your web page somewhere on just the 1st page of google. We are not your agency.
For those expectations, you can find yourself an unemployable pseudo-consultant hack or some young nerd with tech chops who would be thrilled to rank your site on page 1 for a meaningless keyword resulting in worthless traffic that wouldn’t convert on a free offer. But, at the very least, it is within your 0 per month budget and….well….technically you’re on the 1st page of Google.
WHAT I’M interested in….is market…..domination.
And I don’t just mean the easy keywords that no one is searching for. I’m talking those juicy, massively trafficked search terms that are LOADED with buyer intent innuendo. For example, in ranking my business, you found me most likely searching Los Angeles SEO Expert….not Los Angeles SEO. Why? Because you have a problem and you need it solved and solved by the best.
But we’re not interested in JUST ranking your site for a handful of buyer intent keywords. We want you ranked for them all.
And not just ranked either. SEO is like a high stakes game of Monopoly. Each keyword is a street color group. Those buyer keywords are the juicy, highly trafficked corners like the Orange and Red or Yellow and Green properties. Statistics tell us people are more than likely to land on those terms when looking to buy what you’re selling.
In the game of Monopoly, the player controlling an entire color group gets to put up houses and hotels to charge a premium.
But, in the game of business SEO, he who controls the 1st Page with the most entries crowded up to the top, gets to sell in a vacuum with no real competitor messaging. In the end, that business wins all the business and charges what he can get away with charging not to mention, selecting his customer base while turning away undesirable business because it isn’t worth your time.
What I’m saying is by controlling the 1st page of Google for those “buying intent” keywords, your time appreciates in value. Your business will appreciate in value. Your customers and prospects collective opinion of you will appreciate in value because you are perceived as being omnipresent and the best.
That is what MADRANK is interested in. Making kings out of pawns.
We will rank you first page for every keyword we target. We will dominate that first page, with your collaboration, inside the timeline we set for you. We will ensure your business holds its decisive advantage over any and every competitor for the life of our contract.
That’s the MADRANK difference.

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Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Los Angeles
Expert SEO Company Results from the #1 SEO Expert in Los Angeles
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