SEO and Social Media Expert | Digital Marketing Company Chicago, IL

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SEO and Social Media Expert | Digital Marketing Company Chicago, IL
Seo expert, business referral marketing and any other name you can think of, I’m here to help you explode this decade up. Call me 773-490-9284. Have you ever considered a search marketing consultant or social media expert to help you grow online? 

Organic Searches is a digital marketing company for social media marketing, seo ranking, lead generation, business referral and similar digital marketing projects run. Organic Searches holds various offices with our partners thought-out the country to better serve our clients. Including, Chicago, Charlotte, Miami, Los Angeles, and Phoenix.

Head over to to download my ebook that I’m giving away for free. Within 27 pages I share 1 strategy that you can go from zero to 30,000 visitors and how one of my clients used this exact method to get over 8,000 leads and make over 0,000. I know it sounds crazy but it’s no joke.

SEO is very difficult and for many trying to understand it is time intensive. Why try to learn something from scratch and probably end up frustrated with poor results instead of listening to an expert with over 10 years’ experience? Now I don’t call myself an SEO expert or Social media guru these are things other people have to say about me. 

In this video I touch upon how you can decrease your customer cost by a minimum of 66%! As an SEO consultant I want to help you get more paying customers, customers that want your product or services.

Have you ever spend money on direct marketing campaigns or media buying campaigns with mediocre results? Or have you ever been burned with SEO and swore I never want to do that again?! Or have you ever told yourself, if I only got to page 1 then my life would change. 

I can tell you, it can. I use simple but powerful strategies that utilize social media properties like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc… To help your customers understand who you are but more importantly get them to call your, email you, walk in through the door with open wallets ready to buy your products and or services.

If you’re not connecting with your customers then your competitors are, if you’re not investing in digital marketing you might as well close up shop because digital marketing is where it’s at.

I want to help your expand, thrive, and succeed. I’m not a no face agency, you don’t have to wait for someone to help you, and I’m here for you.

You found me online right? Get a free consultation by calling 773-490-9284 and I look forward to hearing from you.

Jose Gonzalez

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Chicago SEO and Social Media
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SEO and Social Media Expert | Digital Marketing Company Chicago, IL
SEO and Social Media Expert | Digital Marketing Company Chicago, IL
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