SEO Expert David Jenyns: Melbourne SEO and Video

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SEO Expert David Jenyns: Melbourne SEO and Video
After taking out second place in the Pan Pacific Brazilian Ju-Jitsu Championship competition at age 18, David has never again settled for second place. Read on to discover David’s secret to success.

Young David Jenyns attended one of the most prestigious high schools in Melbourne, a select entry, all boys’ school, Melbourne High School. During his final year (1999), he became fascinated with the stock market after one of his school buddies shared stories of how much money he was making while sitting in class. The allure of ‘easy money’ was enough to capture this ambitious teenager’s attention.

Despite David’s final marks earning him a place at university, he turned down this opportunity (against the advice of many good intentioned friends and family), and decided to follow his newfound passion for the stock market.

Not wasting any time, David secured a ,000 loan and signed up to a stock trading course run by a company called Daytrader HQ. Looking back now, this course later became the best investment he ever made. Here David developed the methods he uses to this day, to consistently pull profits from the markets. It was also here that he struck up a firm friendship with a fellow trader, Stuart McPhee.

It was early 2001, the tail end of the tech boom, and with some small trading successes David soon realized that he needed to build up a sizeable trading float in order to start trading seriously. Much of his initial profits went straight to paying off his ,000 education debt.



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SEO Expert David Jenyns: Melbourne SEO and Video
SEO Expert David Jenyns: Melbourne SEO and Video
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