Video SEO Expert and Video SEO Training Services

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Video SEO Expert and Video SEO Training Services
Video SEO Expert and Video SEO Training
Mike Silverman is highly experienced and passionate about video marketing and can help you realize your business goals through skilled promotion, one-on-one video SEO training, SEO, and video marketing coaching. This 55-minute-long one-on-one session with a video seo expert is conducted over Skype screen sharing.

Video SEO Expert – Mike SIlverman

Priced at only , this one-on-one session will bring a change in your video optimization strategy, you may want to consider follow-up coaching sessions with Mike and avail a discount of 10%.

YouTube Channel Setup and Optimization

It won’t be wrong to say that YouTube is a natural home for videos in the world of the Internet. But with almost 60 hours of videos uploaded to YouTube every minute, it won’t be a surprise if you get lost in the rush. Fortunately, we are here to guide you through the entire process of YouTube setup and optimization, so you no longer have to worry about being lost!

With a track record of ensuring long-lasting SEO results, Mike offers extensive video marketing training to improve your marketing efficiency in order to optimize your presence in YouTube and drive traffic to your site.

Cisco projects significant growth in video by 2018, claiming that video will drive 90% of all Internet traffic. According to Forrester research, websites with at least one video have 53 times greater chance of being indexed by search engines and ranking on page one in Google and YouTube.

Video search engines, such as YouTube, rely on page factors, inbound links, metadata within the video, and anchor text to look inside the video. As a leading name in the online marketing and SEO industry, Mike is a master in keyword research and analysis and can tweak your video to maximize the number of views your videos receive. We can give clients an upper hand over the competition by guiding you through the ethical use of SEO that drives organic traffic and helps place websites on page one on Google and YouTube.

Video Marketing Training

Mike is an expert in the field and is aware of the unique ways to drive traffic when it comes to video seo marketing. Search engines are constantly searching for sites that host engaging content. Undoubtedly, there isn’t anything like video that can drive traffic and boost engagement. You have 5 seconds to attract visitor attention and 25 seconds to deliver your message. With experience in video SEO training, Mike can guide you on how to optimize your video to drive viewers to your landing page.

Help with Video SEO

With the number of clients looking for video content increasing at a rapid pace, it will help to understand the nuances of video search engine optimization from a professional video and YouTube marketing consultant to strategically rank videos on page one on key search engines in an economical and efficient manner.

Video SEO Training

Each month, over one billion people watch more than six billion hours of videos on YouTube. Video is the largest growing component online, and an impeccable video training session can help elevate the level of your video and take your business where it needs to be.

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Video SEO Expert and Video SEO Training Services
Video SEO Expert and Video SEO Training Services
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